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About Ken Janson

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Above: Ken at the helm of Blue Heaven, his 25 ft. sloop, on a calm day in Saco Bay.

Background photo: Sunset at Norwood's Marina in Camp Ellis, on a fall day after having dropped the mast on Blue Heaven to prepare to haul out for the season.

A small business owner, Ken Janson began designing, selling, and renting trade show exhibits for clients in 1990 at his business, Exhibit Source of Maine, d/b/a Nimlok Maine.

Prior to starting Exhibit Source, Ken was Design Manager for Ram Management Company, and was involved with the planning, design and execution of numerous constructions projects including: 

   • Office building renovations in Portland's Old Port

   • Retail Space design & construction at The Maine Outlet in Kittery

   • Residential condominiums at The Atlantic House in Scarborough

With the exhibit business being shut down due to Covid-19 in 2020, Ken has returned to his design and construction roots with the creation of Ken Janson Design, specializing in space planning, layout and design, drafting, project management, and small-project custom carpentry.


Leisure activities include skiing in winter, sailing in summer, and playing drums and percussion in his band. A Maine native, Ken still resides in Saco with his wife, Laurie, where they enjoy spending time with their four grown children, three grandchildren, and extended family.

Design Philosophy:
"I always try to meet the needs of the customer, yet will always speak up if I think the idea or concept is not suitable for the particular situation. Factors like aesthetics and cost always have to be considered, as well as safety and building codes, of course. Directional facings, existing views, resale value, and other factors may also enter into the equation."

Construction Philosophy:

"I like to pre-plan and even pre-build as much as possible when renovating. It's also important to be nimble: occasionally something is uncovered during demolition that creates a challenge or an opportunity, requiring a revision to the plan.

Pre-planning will also shorten the duration of the project by allowing for material lead time and scheduling of sub-contractors.

I like to run a neat and clean job site, it's safer and more efficient. Sometimes even relatively simple projects involve several trade disciplines and many tools. I've done jobs where it seemed like I had every tool in my possession spread around me! At the close of each construction process or day, everything is neat and organized.

Communication is key! I will never be that contractor who says 'I'll be there Wednesday morning' and never show up. That is discourteous. Life happens, weather happens, and plans can change, but communication keeps everyone on the same page.

I like all styles of finish: painted wood, stained and varnished wood, highly finished or rustic reclaimed wood. I also love putting old things to new uses, like reusing pallet wood or incorporating rustic metal shelf brackets into a new project. What's your style?"

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