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Deck Step Retrofit (July 2020)

Design, Installation

Deck Step-1.JPG

The client's request was to remove the front railing and extend the step the full width of

the existing deck.

Deck Step-3.JPG

Instead of attempting to add to the existing step, the original framing was removed and a new full width pressure treated step constructed, scribing as needed to the patio.

Deck Step-2.JPG

The railing, skirt boards and step boards have been removed. 

Deck Step-4.JPG

A 1/4" PVC sheet overlay was applied to the face of the pressure treated box joist which had originally been exposed and unfinished.

Deck Step-6.JPG
Deck Step-5.JPG
Deck Step-7.JPG
Deck Step-8.JPG

3/4" PVC was applied to the face of the new step and TREX decking applied to the step. The first two TREX deck boards were also replaced due to the holes from the removed railing posts.

Kids on step.jpg

Here is visual

proof that the

step works as


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