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Detached 2-Car Garage (Summer 2020)

Design-General Contractor/Project Manager-

Interior Finish Carpentry-Painting

Disney Sign 2.JPG

A hearty Thank You goes out to my subs and suppliers:

Mike McKenney of McKenney Foundations

Picard Excavation

Pat Coomer at Keen Construction

Jim Godbout Plumbing

Joe Dube at Dube Electric

Anderson Insulation

Steven Veilleux Drywall

Mike Tousignant at Loading Dock Equip. (garage door)

and Patrick Sylvain and the entire team at Deering Lumber.

2 May 27-1.JPG
3 May 27-2.JPG
4 May 28-2.JPG
5 May 29.JPG
6 June 2.JPG
7 June 15.JPG
8 June 16.JPG
9 June 17.JPG
10 June 19.JPG
11 June 22.JPG
12 June 24.JPG
13 1 July 2.JPG
15 July 6.JPG
13 2 July 2.JPG
14 July 2.JPG
16 July 6.JPG
17 July 6.JPG
19 B IMG_6108.JPG
20 July 9.JPG
22 July 16.JPG
21 July 10.JPG
24 July 6.JPG
25 July 6.JPG
26 IMG_6308.JPG
29  Staiir wall.JPG
28 Bath Walls 072720.JPG
27 Front 080420.JPG
30 Insul.JPG
33 Drywall.JPG
32 Drywall.JPG
31 Insul.JPG
34 Paint.JPG

Interior Door & Window Trim

Mock up.jpg
DBl Hung.jpg
Corner detail.jpg

I decided to use something other than 2.5" wide Colonial style casing on this project, since there is a lot of Colonial casing out there! I have always loved natural pine, so I decided to use white painted extension jambs and flat 1/2" x 2.5" pine casing, with a natural, clear finish on the windows.

Mock-up of extension jamb and casing

35 Stair Rail.JPG
37 Int 2nd FL.JPG

May 27, 2020 Groundbreaking

Sept. 23, 2020 Occupancy Permit

36 Sink.JPG
39 South.JPG
40 EXT Complete.JPG
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